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Open Air Pageant

Kynren an epic tale

Eleven Arches presents 'Kynren' an epic tale of England against the backdrop of Auckland Castle, County Durham. In an action packed, open air night show of dazzling proportions, 1000 cast and crew present a storytelling journey of 2000 years with mass choreography, pyrotechnics, spectacular lighting and water effects.

Be transported from myth and legend, through battles and conquests to inventions and celebrations in a surround sound movie-like experience. For tickets go to

  • 7½ acre stage - the size of 5 football pitches, with a full size lake at its centre.
  • 34 performance horses - the finest riding and driving horses sourced from around the world.
  • 280 pyrotechnical effects.
  • 1843 costumes - painstakingly stitched, crafted and accessorised in fabric, leather & chainmail.